Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mexican Lima Chiles Update

I made a version of the  “Mexican” Lima Chiles from last September. It turned out something like a cassoulet seasoned with a bit of poblano chile. I had forgot that the recipe calls for two cans of chiles, and only bought one chile. It cost 1 peso, and the store guy was going to have to go next door to get 4 pesos to give me change, but I asked him, “Let me have my change in guavas instead,” because the guavas were looking particularly good; neither too far gone, nor too green. It was a good deal!

I substituted alubia grande for the lima beans.  I had some mushrooms that were in a now-or-never state, so I included them as a way to use them up. Using olive oil instead of butter, I sauteed the mushrooms, sliced, with some sliced onion, together with the strips of toasted and peeled poblano and chopped garlic. I layered this mixture, instead of canned chiles, with the beans and grated cheese as per the recipe.

It was very good, aside from the beans being not quite soft enough (as I was in a hurry). The dish benefited from a long time in a slow oven with the casserole lid on instead of the baking procedure given in the recipe. Very flavourful.

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